SHEQ Compliance Software

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Accident & Incident Management

This module gives you the ability to report, investigate, assess root causes, upload evidence and implement corrective action, review and close accidents and incidents.

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SHEQ APP for access at your finger tips

Mango's app gives you the ability to manage compliance on-the-go.

Who knew compliance could be so simple?

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Audit & Inspection

No more lost paper – Create any audit or inspection online, which can be facilitated from your smart phones or devices. Compliance made easy.

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Calendar for your tasks

The most common issue we come across is businesses forgetting to complete tasks on time. 

Mango's Calendar Module creates a clear picture of what tasks are overdue, due and coming up

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The Charts Module is a great tool for business to identify trends.

It gives you the ability to identify trends for accidents and incidents.

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Compliance Objectives

Failing to meet your legal compliance objectives is a massive risk, directors can face serious penalties such as fines and jail time.

This module gives you the ability to keep on top of your legal compliance objectives.

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Mango's Dashboard shows an overview of what tasks are assigned to you such as accidents, incidents, improvements, audits and risks.

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Upload all of your polices; procedures; files and records into a centralized point for effective document and record control.

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Many organisations suffer from inconsistent employee training and assessments of employees.

This inconsistency can have a major impact across the business. 

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Environmental Management

Many organisation ineffectively report, manage and investigate environmental incidents. 

Mango provides users with the appropriate tools to ensure these three important steps are managed effectively.

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Event Management

Create time-based reminders for any action required by your system, upload evidence to create a clear audit trail.

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Human Resources

Identify skills requirements; link them to positions and then employees for seamless management of employee competencies and training plans.

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Improvements & Non-Conformances

Report, investigate, assess root causes, upload evidence, implement corrective action, review and close

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Plant & Equipment Maintenance

Identify all plant & equipment and schedule planned maintenance based on time or usage. Upload evidence of maintenance & breakdowns and manage costs

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Risk Management

Compliance programmes require businesses to make the processes for identifying, recording and controlling risk clear for all staff. 

This module allows you to effectively manage risks and do all of the above. 

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Supplier Management

Bulk upload suppliers, rate them based on the impact to your company and then periodically review their performance.

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