Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment - Series 2 

07.11.19 11:44 AM Comment(s) By Nicholas Graham

The Discovery Process 

Clause 4 Context of the Organisation forms part of any of the new ISO Standards, and requires you to identify the Organisation and its Context, i.e. issues internally and externally that could affect the Organisation and its SHEQ Management Systems ability to achieve its intended outcomes. 

The Intended outcomes of a SHEQ Management System are:

  • Ensure Compliance 
  • Prevent Injury, Ill Health, Pollution, Environmental Degradation, Non-conforming Products or Services
  • Eliminate Hazards
  • Ensure Continual Improvement & Improved SHEQ Performance

The Kick off point for this is generally a process we call - Discovery. Here we use various different tools to aid us in discovering all of the Organisations (Activities, Products, Services, Substances, Plant & Equipment) all of which create hazards , risks (which need to be controlled) and opportunities, which need to be leveraged. 

Watch this video for an overview of how we do the discovery process and the tools we use. 

Please feel free to contact is should your Organisation require Risk Assessment training or assistance with your risk assessment process. 

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