Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment - Part 1: Introduction

21.08.19 03:44 PM Comment(s) By Nicholas Graham

Welcome to this new vlog series on Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment. 

Risk assessment approaches can be as varied as choices of breakfasts, however common amongst all recognised approaches as:

1. A Process of Discovery (identifying your Areas, Occupations and Equipment/ Substances)

2. Hazard Identification - Tools to use (Job Hazard Analysis, MSDS, Plant & Equipment Manuals)

3. Risk Assessment and Analysis - Types of Risk Assessments - Baseline Risk Assessment, Task Risk Assessment, Issue Based Risk Assessment and Continuous Risk Assessment. 

4. Risk Evaluation - Hierarchy's of Controls (Elimination, Substitution, Engineering, Administrative and PPE) 

5. Risk Treatment - Treat, Tolerate, Terminate and Transfer

Join us as we take you through the tools and techniques that can be utilised to ensure a comprehensive risk management strategy. 

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