Continuing our Blog series on OHS Culture & Climate, we now look at Culture & Climate assessment tools
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We continue our blog series on OHS Culture & Climate, looking specifically at OHS Climate
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In this 1st of the series on OHS Culture & Climate , we look at what is OHS Culture & OHS Climate
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Suspension Trauma

Suspension Trauma, also known as ‘orthostatic intolerance’, ‘harness-induced pathology’,or the term I prefer, ‘suspension intolerance’ is a reasonably unknown hazard to many safety officers; or employees working in an environment which puts them at risk of experiencing suspension trauma.

Before I go ...

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Female docker and harbor inspectorontinuous loading and unloading of sea freight containers at Rotterdam Harbour, using huge cranes and automated trolleys

There is nothing quite like a difference around a particular risk assessment technique to ruffle feathers. Working as a Certification Auditor in various industries and as a Clients Agent in the Construction Industry I have seen some interesting risk assessment techniques to say the least.


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