Suspension Trauma

Suspension Trauma, also known as ‘orthostatic intolerance’, ‘harness-induced pathology’,or the term I prefer, ‘suspension intolerance’ is a reasonably unknown hazard to many safety officers; or employees working in an environment which puts them at risk of experiencing suspension trauma.

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Female docker and harbor inspectorontinuous loading and unloading of sea freight containers at Rotterdam Harbour, using huge cranes and automated trolleys

There is nothing quite like a difference around a particular risk assessment technique to ruffle feathers. Working as a Certification Auditor in various industries and as a Clients Agent in the Construction Industry I have seen some interesting risk assessment techniques to say the least.


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One of the biggest risks to any organization has to be contractor management. In many cases contractors are not managed as stringently as our own employees with the management of contractors being a mammoth task in itself.

• Introduce additional risks to the Organization by...

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As many of you may know South Africa has been in the grip of severe weather conditions for the past two years, many would say that it has been caused by El Nino.

The term El Niño refers to the large-scale ocean-atmosphere climate interaction linked to a periodic warming in sea surface temperatures ac...

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Welcome to 2016, from the SRM team we wish all of our clients the very best success for this year. It’s a celebration year for us as SRM turns 10 years old and we are going to be giving gifts away to our clients to celebrate SRM changing SHEQ culture in many organisations on the African co...

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